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"Carbs are so good right now!" Samantha Armytage gets real about self isolation weight gain, and shares her tips on avoiding unhealthy habits while stuck at home

''Carbs are so good right now!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
Sunrise star Samantha Armytage famously lost 10kg after she signed up as an ambassador for WW (formerly Weight Watchers) last year, and now she's shared some advice for other women who might be struggling to stay healthy during this extended period of self-isolation.
Sam, who is currently holed up in her Southern Highlands home, along with boyfriend Richard Lavender, is taking a break from her TV hosting duties as she recovers from a respiratory infection.
The 43-year-old filmed a candid video in her kitchen this week, sharing some tips with other women who might be stuck at home and battling to keep their cravings at bay.
"I just wanted to see you're all OK and you're hanging in there," Sam said in her video, which you can watch in the player above.
"I know the program is probably going a little bit out the window at the moment and it's getting harder and harder. You're probably stuck at home, with your kids and your husbands and you're probably tempted to have a drink," she said.
She encouraged her followers to abstain from drinking, just for the time being.
"If I can offer one little bit of advice at the moment, maybe just leave the alcohol, because I think it's just a waste of points," she said, referring to the WW program's point system.
Sam is currently self isolating at home with her boyfriend Rich. Image: Instagram
"Carbs are so good right now!" says Sam. A woman after our own hearts! Image: Instagram
Sam also offered a heartwarming message of support to anyone struggling right now.
"I think it's a really good time just to really nurture yourself, take care of yourself, be kind to yourself," she said.
"If you fall off the wagon, because carbs are so good right now, be kind, try to stay out of your fridge as much as you can, I know that's impossible, but I'm thinking of you all.
"Take it easy on yourselves and hopefully I'll be back at work soon, see you then."
Sam shared a candid video with her followers from inside her kitchen. Image: Instagram
Earlier this month, Sam revealed she was taking a few weeks off work, with fellow Channel Seven star Natalie Barr stepping into her place to host Sunrise with Sam's co-host Kochie, as she recovers from a prolonged illness.
"Hi all, I'm taking a few weeks off work as I've had a ­respiratory infection — for three months — since the bushfires and it just won't heal," she posted in an Instagram story.
"I DON'T have coronavirus but I'm worried I'll get it if I don't get better. Thought it was a good time to lie low," she added.
WATCH BELOW: Meet Sam Armytage's cute dog Banjo. Story continues after video.
Sam has long endured intense scrutiny over her body, but last year reiterated that her decision to sign on as a WW ambassador was about maintaining her long term health, rather than losing lots of weight.
"I have said it before and I will say it again: I don't want to be skinny. I have boobs, I have a bum, I have curves. I like being a woman with a womanly figure, so I don't want to be skinny-skinny," she told The Australian Women's Weekly at the time, adding that she will never deprive herself of the food she loves.
"I like cheese and biscuits in the afternoon. I like to have a wine. If I deprive myself of those things – I've tried before – I end up bingeing and being worse off than I was before," she said.
"I've never been terribly disciplined with weight loss. Like everyone, you get tired, run down, you go for the carbohydrates, drink too much coffee, too much wine, you put on a few kilos and start to get bogged down. I didn't want to do that anymore so I made some choices."

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