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Rachael Finch admits obsession with weight at 52kgs: "It was a vicious cycle"

The mum-of-two gets candid about her unhealthy history.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Model, mum, presenter and former Miss Universe Australia, Rachael Finch has opened up on the unhealthy relationship she had with her body.
The mum-of-two took to her Instagram Live to reveal the obsession she had with weight and how it led to her suffer serious health issues after she dropped to as low as 52kgs.
Rachael on the Myer runway in 2015.
"In 2008, I started to lose my periods," she said in the video.
"I didn't have a period for two years."
"At the time I was working as a model, and I was incredibly light in terms of my weight."
"I was about 6 or 7 kilos lighter than I am now. I was about 52 kilos – that's pretty light for my frame."
Rachael says she is now a healthy 60kg but considered herself at her previous weight "malnourished".
"I lived off skinny lattes, diet soft drinks and low fat foods," she said.
"I thought that was healthy, and I felt like I had to maintain that weight in order to continue to get work."
"I was so obsessed with counting calories all the time. It was a wrong way to look at things."
"It was a vicious cycle that ultimately cost me the health of my body."
Healthy and happy! Rachael beams in a design by B.O.D by Finch in 2018.
The 30-year-old says she now lives a healthy lifestyle where balance is the key. But she did admit that it took two years to shake her old habits and get her body back into a healthy cycle which included getting her periods back.
But she says the hardest part was ditching the diet soft drinks.
"I was drinking half a bottle of diet soft drink a day," she said.
"After I stopped drinking it, I got a lot of headaches."
"I felt worse before I got better, and that made it really hard to push through."

Recently Rachael revealed to OK!what her healthy lifestyle looks like now. When asked to describe her day on a plate the fitness fan listed, "Fresh fruit, mangos and lots of berries. I like buddah bowls with your avocado, brussel sprouts, protein, greens, pesto and brown rice. Fresh and amazing!"
She also said she swears by, "Apple Cider Vinegar, it's a really good digestive aid. Fresh water, coconut oil and just real, wholesome fresh foods."