Diet & Nutrition

Pros and cons of going organic

You used to have to travel a country mile to find genuine organic fare and even then, only specialised farms had what you were looking for. But today, organic products can be found on the supermarket shelf and some of the biggest, brand food manufacturers have organic product offerings. This is in part due to consumer demand for foods that are 'greener' and 'cleaner'. But do organic foods offer superior health and nutrition? Let's explore this question further as we take a stroll down the organic garden path.
Many people choose organic produce as they worry about the health risks from pesticides and other residues in conventional foods. However, there seem to be a few urban myths circulating on this topic. Studies show that contaminant levels in conventional produce are not excessive and even organic products have some levels of residues. There are regular government food surveys that monitor all produce on the marketplace, to ensure safe limits set by the World Health Organisation are not exceeded.

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