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Multi-vitamins can make you smarter

Many people consider vitamin supplements a waste of money, but a new study has found they can actually make you smarter.
Research from British scientists, published in not one, but three prestigious journals — the British Journal of Nutrition, Psychopharmacology, and Human Psychopharmacology — concluded that popping a daily multivitamin supplement boosted brain power and reduced tiredness.
The researchers looked at the effects of taking a multivitamin daily on groups of men, women, and children, for either four or 12 weeks.
On administering tests to measure the study participants' cognitive ability — which was measured as their ability to pay attention, remember facts, be accurate in their recall, and also to multi-task — the researchers found that those adults and children taking a multivitamin showed significant improvements in all four measurements.
Even better, the improvements were noted after just four weeks of taking the supplements, and the bonus benefits of being less mentally and physically tired were also reported across the board.
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