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How this bride-to-be lost 28kg just in time for her wedding - and still gets to eat a cheese toastie for breakfast!

And see her exact day on a plate.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Briannan Pyle decided she wanted to make a big change in her life after looking at photos of herself at her best friend's wedding.
Back in March, the 26-year-old childcare educator from Victoria clocked the scales at 105kg.
She had just gotten engaged herself to her long term partner Ben and knew she would soon be planning her own wedding, walking down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams.
"Seeing photos from my best friend's wedding ... I was at my heaviest I've ever been," Briannan told Now To Love.
"I guess it didn't really hit me until I started to lose the weight, just how big I was."
Briannan says she used to constantly feel tired and unmotivated.
"My life before was just dull. I would come home from work and I would have toast as a snack. I was addicted," she said.
"I would sit down and watch telly and fall asleep every night. I wouldn't really make the effort to catch up with many people. I always found an excuse to keep to myself."
So she bit the bullet and joined Jenny Craig in March and in 20 weeks, she lost 21kg.
Now, she weighs 76kg and has lost a total of 28kg.
She is set to tie the knot with her fiancé Ben next year and wants to her look her best on her special day.
Briannan pictured her her heaviest, at 105kg. Supplied
Briannon and her fiance Ben. Supplied
So what's her secret? Briannan does intermittent fasting, a popular diet hack where you eat within a set window of time.
"I try to eat everything within a 12-hour period," she said.
"I get up at 5am but I try and eat by 5.30am and then I finish eating by 7-7.30pm," she said.
Briannan after her 28kg weight loss. Supplied
Briannan tried on this wedding dress for a special photoshoot after she lost her weight. Supplied
Here's what an average day of eating looks like for Briannan now:
Breakfast: "My breakfast was a ham and cheese toastie and for my fat serves I always have walnuts. I also had a coffee and a banana and then I had a coffee for morning tea."
Lunch: "I had a quiche lorraine and I make my own soup, because I felt like the salad gets a little bit boring, so I make my own soups. I had two cups of soup."
Snack: "Just before dinner I had a sticky date pudding."
Dinner: "I had a chicken parmigiana with two cups of salad and then I'll have a piece of fruit around 7-7.30pm, before getting ready for bed."
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Briannan says going on Jenny Craig worked for her because the meals are all pre-planned for you.
"It's so simple and so easy," she said.
"I knew it wasn't just going to be another diet. I thought 'This is going to be hard work, but it's just going to be a three day thing and then I'll give up'," she said.
"It's awesome. It's just a part of my life now."