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The biggest ketogenic diet before-and-after transformations

One woman lost almost a quarter of her body weight in a matter of months…

Step aside, 5:2 diet… Make way for the ketogenic diet!
Haven't heard of the keto diet works? Well, basically, it comprises of eating very small amounts of carbohydrates and medium amounts of protein (most of your daily kilojoule intake would come from eating fats). And while it was originally used as a treatment for children with epilepsy, now many people – celebrities like Kim Kardashian, included – have adopted it as a weightloss method.
And while experts warn that adopting the ketogenic diet for weightloss will give you short-term results, the key to making those results stick is maintaining a healthy eating pattern that is sustainable over time.
For example, dietary recommendations impact each individual differently; everyone is unique, and what works for one person, may not work for another. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.
But in the case of these keto diet before-and-after shots, it seems that this diet plan has given these women the results they were after, starting with these keto Instagrammers…


@sharon__sandhu has been on her keto journey since late last year and her transformation is astounding. "My journey through keto started on October 1, 2017 at 78kg. Now eight months down, over 18kg lighter at 59kg. A healthy outside starts with the inside – you are what you eat!" she says.


@carbfreekayla says that the picture on the left shows her former self: a woman who had persistent bloating, skin breakouts and stretch marks. On the right? Well, two years later and in her own words…
"[The woman on the right] is a happy and healthy 22-year-old who has eliminated bloating, does intermittent fasting & keto and has naturally erased stretch marks with proper eating habits. I always feel vulnerable posting pics like this but I post to remind myself how far I've come and hopefully I can inspire someone else to change for the good!"


@ketoxmermaid, a mum of two from Southern California, has been on the ketogenic diet since this time last year. In that time, she has lost 11.33kg – and has the pictures to prove it.


@ketohilary has been on her ketogenic diet journey for more than a year-and-a-half, and in that time, she has 22.5kg – and counting! "Keto worked for me! But it will only work for you if you are ready and done with where you are," she says.


@keto.with.libiloo is 47 years old and suffered from "a lot of hormonal issues" before she started on the keto diet in January. Now, she says she feels like things have "normalized [sic]". "I am no longer controlled by my cravings. I may be losing slowly on the scale but I'm totally okay with that," she says.


According to @lexj94's, her before-and-after pics are down to her dedication to the keto diet and eating keto foods. And while she is only 1kg off her 9kg weightloss target, she is still beyond proud of her progress.
"I remember trying on this dress feeling horrible about myself, not wanting to take pictures," she says. "This morning I tried it on and it fit PERFECT for the first time. This is only the beginning!"


"I remember being on a trip to Buffalo/Niagara Falls and hating every single picture taken of me and being so incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. Like unbearably uncomfortable," Katy reveals of what made her try the keto diet a little over a year ago. Katy also says that she has "truly enjoyed" this food journey and there's no sign of her turning back!

If you want to change your diet in any way, or would like to learn more about the ketogenic diet and it's right for you, contact your GP and a nutritionist today.

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