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Julie Goodwin in diet pill scam

Julie Goodwin is considering legal action against a scam diet pill company that is using her name and images without permission.

Days later, the photos popped up on a fraudulent website – seemingly endorsed by The Weekly – peddling controversial diet pill Garcinia Total.
The site, which is in no way affiliated with The Weekly or Julie, claims the Masterchef star used pills to slim down, an assertion she finds extremely offensive.
“I have never, would never and will never endorse a weight-loss supplement,” Goodwin told The Daily Telegraph. “I’ve never advocated magic bullet solutions for anything.
“I’ve never gone out to say that my weight loss is something that others should aspire to, it is just something that happened because of my lifestyle change.
“I am devastated to have my name and image put against this type of product.”
The Weekly is currently taking legal action against the company.
“It is a total scam and nothing to do with us,” a magazine spokeswoman said. “We are very upset for Julie.
“And we are taking legal action. However, on the web it can be very hard to pinpoint where these scammers are.”

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