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Jackie O hits back at claims she's on a restrictive diet

The breakfast radio host has some words for her haters.

By Alex Lilly
Jackie O is looking svelte and sexy after her 10kg weight loss, but after spilling her day on a plate to co-host Kyle Sandilands on their breakfast radio show, she's received a fair bit of backlash.
The KIIS FM host spoke on the air about how she doesn't eat breakfast but has a coffee when she wakes up at 5am, an avocado for lunch and "something like chicken breast and a couple of veggies," for dinner.
But when health experts and body image experts came forward saying her diet was restrictive and unhealthy, Jackie O had some words to say about her "starvation diet."
"Maybe what I should have clarified is that whilst I'm doing that on some days, I don't eat that every single day," the KIIS FM host said on the air.
"If we want pizza, I'll have pizza. If we want to go out for a pho, I'll have pho. If I wake up and I'm hungry, I have toast, I don't stick to that religiously."
Looking good Jackie!
However, Jackie did admit that she felt good after eating cleaner and eating less.
"When I do eat an avocado for lunch, I feel good, it makes me feel good. I'm not starving myself by any means and I would never ever endorse that, I don't want anyone out there starving themselves to lose weight."
It took a year for Jackie to lose 10kg and the radio presenter admitted how much has changed in that time.
"I still allow myself all the things I want, but there are days during the week when I eat less and I guess it's been taken out of context."
"I feel healthy compared to a year ago, I felt terrible, I have more energy. You know, I do feel a lot better and healthier."
Take a look at her amazing transformation!
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