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Trying to lose weight? This is the alcoholic drink you should order at the pub

We've found a drink that has almost zero calories!

By Rebecca Sullivan
OK, so it's a sad reality that alcohol really isn't that great for our health, but everything in moderation is fine, right?
While it can feel impossible to say no to a glass of wine on a Friday night after a long week, if you're really getting serious about your health, or you're looking to shift a few kilos, health experts say there's a way you can still enjoy a drink with your mates at the pub, without consuming too many alcoholic calories.
And with today being International Tequila Day, what better excuse than to tell you all the reasons why tequila is actually a reasonably healthy drink choice?!
Generally, clear spirits like tequila, gin and vodka are healthier than drinks like wine, Champagne and beer, because they contain fewer calories, carbs and sugar.
If you're feeling bold you can drink them straight or on the rocks for an even healthier drink, or you can pair them with soda water a lime, which has zero calories!
Once you start mixing these spirits with drinks like tonic water or lemonade, you take away the healthiness and add in a whole bunch of sugar and calories.
As for tequila specifically, high quality Mexican tequilas are the made from the blue weber agave plant.
This plant has a range of health benefits, including its ability to enhance the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body (essential minerals for maintaining bone health) and aiding digestion, plus research has found that tequila can help lower your blood sugar.
Agavins are the sugars which occur naturally in the agave plant and they have been shown to help us feel fuller for longer, therefore eating less.
We love this news!
Tequila is delicious when paired with soda water and garnishes like mint and lime. Getty
Australians are drinking less and less, as we become better educated about the negative health effects of alcohol.
"Wellness is a consumer macro trend that is influencing all categories, including alcohol. We continue to see a decline in the volume of alcohol consumed in Australia as well as strong growth in lower alcohol spirits, although of a small base," tequila brand Patrón's ambassador Alejandro Archibald told Now To Love.
"It is also evident through the mixers that consumer are choosing to mix with their favourite spirit, limiting sugary mixers and sticking to sodas or tonics," Alejandro said.
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Tequila, soda and lime is fast becoming the most popular drink of choice for health-conscious people who still want to go out and have a good time.
As well as as soda water, other ingredients that are great to mix with tequila are "fresh citrus, fresh pressed apple juice and fresh grapefruit juice," Alejandro suggested.
"A low sugar tonic water is also a great option," he said.
If you're out at the pub, simply ask the bartender for a tequila and soda with fresh lime.
It's super refreshing and perfect on a sunny afternoon.
If you're at home and entertaining friends, you can get a little more experimental, adding in herbs like mint for extra flavour.

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