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The one thing women over 30 can do to prevent weight gain

And it's easier than you may think.

By Alex Lilly
Losing weight is always a struggle, in fact obesity rates in Australia have almost doubled since 1995 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. And the news is even worse for women aged 25-34 who are gaining weight the fastest.
But there is one thing that could be stopping us from shifting the kilos: our love of takeaways and convenience food.
A new survey has revealed that Aussies are going crazy for food delivery and it's affecting our health in a way that's not so good. In fact, one in ten of us order food online at least once a week and over a third of us will upsize our meal when ordering online.
"We know almost half of Australians feel they're often rushed and pressed for time. Given the convenience driving the success of online food delivery it's no surprise Aussies are taking advantage of these services as a quick fix for breakfast, lunch or dinner," LiveLighter Campaign Manager, Alison McAleese says.
"When we rely on buying food outside of home or being delivered via online services we're more likely to eat more, make unhealthy food choices and spend more money than we normally would when preparing and cooking meals at home."
A massive one in ten Aussies order food online at least once a week and over a third of us will upsize our meal when ordering online. (Image: Getty Images)
But don't despair! The research also found that even though we love a takeaway, two thirds of us actually enjoy cooking. We're not saying cut out takeaways altogether but when we're preparing our own meals, we're far more likely to up our intake of fruits and vegies.
"Adding more fruit and vegies to our meals can mean a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers as well as helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol." WA's LiveLighter Manager Kelly Kennington said.
"Sure, it may take a little extra time to plan ahead and cook, but when considering the benefits and just how much cheaper this is in the long run, it's well worth the effort."
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Back in March, it was revealed that one of our faves Brendan Fevola had quite the Uber Eats addiction. The former AFL star spent a whopping $35,548 on the food delivery app in just 18 months having made 588 orders from 108 different restaurants. That put him in the top 0.02 per cent of Uber Eats users in Australia!
"That's a lot of money, I'm in trouble," Fevola said on his radio show with co-hosts Fifi Box and Brendan Cooke, before announcing he'd just received a text from his fiancee.
"I just got a message off my ex-wife, now fiancee. She just wrote, 'I'm divorcing you again!'"
Fev spent a whopping $35,548 on the food delivery app Uber Eats. (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)

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