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Fit mum says she wasn't 'fat shaming'

Super fit Brisbane mum Sally Brouwer says she wasn't fat shaming new mums when she posted a pregnancy and post-pregnancy shot of herself on social media.

Sally Brouwer and the mum with her three children.
The mother-of-three came under fire from other mothers when she shared photos on her Facebook page, showing her pregnant self and her transformation after losing 17 kilograms.
"I can't see how I'm shaming anyone else by posting a photo of myself on my own social media site," she tells The Weekly. "There are a lot greater issues going on in the world than my before and after pregnancy photos. People who waste time making ridiculous accusations on social media just make me concerned for the future of our country."
Sally shared several shots on Facebook. Pictures: Supplied
The trim and toned 38-year-old, who works out for an hour six times a week, juggles a career as a police officer and personal trainer while looking after her five-year-old triplets Poppy, Gus and Abigail.
"I don't care if anyone thinks that I look like a man, unhealthy, too skinny, ugly or my all-time favourite "yuk"," she says. "It is not about looking a certain way, it's about being able to run for the bus, climb over fences, save myself and my children in a house fire, swim in a current and enjoy life. I'm happy and can do all of these things. My daughters will be taught to do all of these things as well, regardless of what they look like."
Mother says pose in a bikini to get fit
Brouwer adds that some people were overweight or obese was because they don't prioritise good eating and exercise into their everyday life.
"I think some of it is laziness and making excuses for eating rubbish food and lack of exercise and I think some of it is lack of knowledge and confusion due to so much misleading information from big businesses wanting to make millions with a quick fix solution."

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