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How to eat bread at dinner without gaining weight

The answer lies purely in the order you eat your food.

By Linnea Zielinski
Pasta or bread-lover? You may be stumped about what to eat for dinner when you want to lose weight.
Well, we have shocking news: Carbs don't make you fat. Really!
It's their effect on your blood sugar and, as a result, several organs in your body that causes the storage of fat.
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But there are ways to blunt the blood sugar spike that usually comes hand in hand with simple carbs like pasta, cookies, and white bread.
And one might be as simple as eating your dinner roll after the rest of your dinner.

What to eat for dinner to stay slim

Blood sugar levels were cut by as much as 30%—a significant amount—when carbs were consumed after vegetables and protein in a recent study published in Diabetes Care.
Researchers had 11 subjects test the effect of food order on blood sugar levels by eating two identical meals of a carb (ciabatta bread and orange juice), protein (skinless chicken breast), and vegetables (lettuce and tomato salad with a low-fat vinaigrette and steamed broccoli with butter) one week apart.
The only difference was the order in which they ate the food.
As bread-lovers ourselves, this news has us cheering!
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Admittedly, we're up for at least giving low-carb bread a try, but what we really want is the good old-fashioned dinner roll we know and love — especially when it's served warm and fresh from the oven, right?
That's why it's so refreshing to know that our favourite restaurant meals or pasta leftovers won't be affected, as long as we keep the order of foods we're scarfing down in mind.
So easy!
Although more research needs to be done with a wider test group and in the long term, these results show great promise for incorporating modest amounts of the less-than-healthy foods you love (like those white bread dinner rolls) into an overall healthy diet.
Just make sure to dig into those veggies first.