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Could ditching these five foods be the secret to weight loss?

Stop dieting and start swapping!

By Holly Royce
We have some good news and some bad news.
Dr Nick Fuller is an obesity expert from Sydney, Australia - he wants us to stop obsessing over different diets (yes!) and make these five simple food swapsto help us lose weight and keep it off.
He reminds us that a quick fix is never the answer, in fact it will often mean you end up heavier than where you started.
Speaking to, Nick said:
“Everyone has a set point which is the weight that a body defends," he said.
"So when you lose weight, your body does all it can to return to that set point.
"This is about changing the body’s set point, not a quick fix that will have you heavier than where you started."
Seems reasonable - so what are these five magical foods we should be ditching to help us with sustainable, long-term weight loss ?

5 foods swaps for long-term, sustainable weight loss

1. Swap coconut oil for olive oil
It's not the first time we've heard that coconut oil is out.
While it make work wonders for your skin and hair when it comes to what we eat, the Mediterraneans know best.
2. Swap white bread for wholegrain bread
Again, this one isn't terrible shocking. White bread has little nutritional value whereas whole grains can reduce our risk of heart disease and types of cancers.
3. Swap cheese for skimmed milk
Say it ain't so!
There is a lot of conflicting information around this one, but Dr Nick told, "Like its trendy friend coconut oil, cheese’s consumption is sure to see your weight increase and will also block your arteries."
"The focus of dairy foods should be on regular consumption of skim or low fat milk and yoghurt."

4. Swap the alcohol for water
Again, we can see the logic here but it doesn't make us feel any better.
Dr Nick acknowledges there are some health benefits to drinking, but recommends sticking to two standard drinks per day.
The best choice though, is always water.
5. Swap dried fruit for fresh fruit
Did you know dried fruit contains five times the amount of calories as fresh fruit?
Forget the dried apple and blueberries and go get yourself the real deal instead.