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Could red wine help you burn fat?

Don't go blowtorching your treadmill just yet, the findings come with a caveat.

The first one being that the effects of wine won't exactly lead to weight loss, and you can essentially get the same effect from its boring little cousins - grape juice or red grapes.
Despite this, the findings could be useful in further investigating ways of reducing obesity. This is because the ellagic acid found in the grapes (and other fruit) has been found to slow the growth of existing fat cells and to prevent new ones from forming.
"If we could develop a dietary strategy for reducing the harmful accumulation of fat in the liver, using common foods like grapes, that would be good news," Dr Neil Shay, a biochemist and molecular biologist at Oregon State University told The Independent.
Either way, it sounds like a study worth a cheers(!) to us - especially with all of those lovely anti-oxidants in red wine and all. And of course, everything in moderation is the best ticket for health.

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