Coke unveils 'sexist' new milk ad

Coke has chosen to court controversy with the ad campaign for its new premium milk line.

Coca Cola has come under fire with the advertising campaign for its new 'premium milk' line with social media labelling it 'sexist' because of its, er, depictions of women dripping and frolicking in dresses made of milk.
The Fairlife milk campaign, which is being marketed by the softdrink giant as a high-end milk with higher calcium and protein than less-fancy milk, is accompanied by slogans such "Drink What She's Wearing" and "Better Milk Looks Good On You."
The campaign, which nods to Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress incident in the film The Seven Year Itch, as you might expect, went down like a lead balloon on social media with detractors tweeting their displeasure with the campaign.
Of course sexist adverts are nothing new. We've trawled through the archives to find some true doozies. The depressing part is that when you think about it, how much as advertising really changed?
Whether they're the mum who just loves cleaning the dunny or the flirtatious femme swishing her sexy, milky dress, the objectification of women remains a strong selling point for flogging stuff. And that doesn't really look that good on anybody.

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