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This is the food we ALWAYS feel guilty about eating

Can you guess what it is? (Plus, a substitute ’cos who wants to feel guilty all the time?)

By BTYB Aussie Bodies
Guilt is a funny old thing.
By definition, it’s doing something wrong, like committing a crime. But, more and more, it’s our go-to word for Every Little Thing we feel bad about and lose sleep over: running late, not returning friends’ texts, being a bad parent, re-gifting unwanted gifts, watching too much Netflix, not going to the gym, not eating healthily, snacking... the list goes on. And on.
Sound familiar?
We bet. Especially the last three because, according to a recent study, exercise, diet and food are the biggest guilt triggers in Australian women.
Chances are you feel bad about one of them right now.
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But there’s one food in particular that can really ramp up the guilt...
According to a recent National Guilt & Health Survey commissioned by Aussie Bodies, 72 percent of Australian women feel bad about eating chocolate, making it our guiltiest food by far. (Chips and cakes are second and third, in case you were wondering).
Of course, it’s not that surprising when you consider most of us would refer to it as a “guilty pleasure” or call it a “naughty” treat and always preface a bite with “I shouldn’t, but...”? Add to that, we’ve clued up about sugar in recent years, understanding the role it plays in not only weight gain, but general health and wellbeing, too.
That goes a little way to explaining the guilt, but not eradicating it — or reducing it. And, while it’s a fleeting moment of guilt for most people, a third of women feel guilty for a couple of hours after eating chocolate. Add in everything else you’re feeling guilty about and you’re basically here:
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So is that it? A life lived guiltily? You, chocolate and Offspring done for good?
Relax. The good news (about time) is that there’s a happy medium. A low-carb, low-sugar and, drum roll please, low-guilt snack. It exists. What’s more, it’s flavoured like ice-cream and tasty as hell. And, as a bonus, it’s packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer and stop the cycle of constant-snacking-and-endless-guilt. Hallelujah. Allow us to introduce Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whip’d Protein Bar. Go Boysenberry Ripple.
Here’s to feeling guilt-free... for five minutes at least!
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