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Blue wine is a thing and this is not a drill

Blue wine may become your new summer drink?

Rose schmozay - blue wine is all the rage right now.
Spanish vintners have blown every wino’s mind with the introduction of electric blue wine.
European start-up Gïk have created the bright Blue Nun beverage by combining red and white grapes with organic pigments to generate a drop that reportedly tastes sweet and meant to be served chilled.
“Gïk was born for fun, to shake things up and see what happens,” said co-creator Aritz López told the BBC. “We wanted to innovate and start a little revolution... and the wine industry looked like the perfect place to start.”
When the idea came about no one in the company was an experienced winemaker so Gïk recruited chemical engineers from University of the Basque Country – a region home to lively drops like Txakolina – to help them blend nature and technology and come up with a blue wine.
Gik's hip blue wine packaging.
While some are excited to try the wine – and post it on their Instragrams – other vino fans are calling it an abomination.
However, the drop’s creators won’t be discouraged by the backlash.
“In Spain, wine is very linked to culture,” López said. “It hasn’t changed for centuries. This is a country that prefers tradition instead of innovation. But Gïk is trying to change that. We are for normal people that don’t need to know thousands of rules in order to enjoy a glass.”
While we’re not sure if this is a novelty, or a wine trend here to stay, Gik is sold in 25 countries but no word on when it's coming to Australia.
It’s safe to say that if we see it on a local wine list soon we’d be inquisitive enough to give it a try.

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