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This is one DIY facial we're not at all interested in trying


There's no doubt that over the years beauty gurus around the world have come up with some very clever DIY solutions and alternatives to expensive treatments—we ourselves love a good avocado mask. But there have also been some disasters... and this creepy-crawly story might take the slimy cake.
Beauty blogger 'OliveSkinBeauty' shocked viewers worldwide when she uploaded her video 'DIY Snail Facial'... which, yes, is exactly what it sounds like. The American vlogger narrates her journey as she finds "wild snails" in her backyard to use in her facial, which she describes as "slimy" yet "soothing".
The blogger revealed she was attempting to recreate a facial using snail mucin, which many beauty companies add to their products to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. Snail mucus is a popular sheet mask ingredient in Japan and Korea, who claim it boosts the 'glow' in your skin.

But as 'soothing' and beneficial as these 'facials' may be, we think we might skip this one in favour of a regular facial.

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