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Studio 10 co-host Angela Bishop reveals her very simple (and achievable!) weight loss secret

''I feel great!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
Channel 10 TV presenter Angela Bishop has revealed the simple weight loss trick that helped her lose 2kg in three weeks.
The 52-year-old was hosting a health segment about artificial sweeteners on Studio 10 this week when she opened up about her own experience trying to kick her habit of drinking two or three cans of energy drink each day.
"I recently gave up my sugar-free energy drink addiction," Angela revealed.
She explained that giving up the drinks, which often contain a lot of caffeine and added chemicals, led to some speedy weight loss results.
"I was drinking between two to three cans a day and changing absolutely nothing else about my diet, I've lost two kilos in three and a half weeks," Angela said.
"So that's just anecdotal [evidence], not scientific, but I found it good."
Angela unveiled her new weight loss on Studio 10 this week. Image: Channel 10
The stunning star defies her age at 52. Image: Getty
However, she explained giving up the drinks wasn't easy.
"The withdrawal from the drinks was pretty painful," she said.
"I had very very bad headaches and didn't feel good at all. But now I feel great!"
Angela pictured with her late husband Pete and her daughter Amelia. Image: Instagram
The veteran entertainment reporter lost her husband Peter Baikie to a rare cancer in 2018.
The couple shared a daughter together, Amelia, 12.
Opening up about her grief to The Australian Women's Weekly last year, Angela explained it can come on when she least expects it.
"I don't try to keep the grief in when it hits, otherwise I'll do myself an injury. You've got to go and find somewhere to have a little cry. I do it a lot in the traffic in the car, or in the carpark at work. You just have to let it out," she said.
"You've got to quickly have a dash to the loo and have a cry then reapply the mascara and come back again."
Angela and her daughter Amelia pictured on the red carpet together. Image: Getty
She added: "Some days I think I'm resilient, others I think I'm cactus. I haven't got enough distance to be able to look at it objectively. I don't know if I ever will. But you have to get up and put one foot in front of the other and keep going. And, of course, I've got the best reason to do that."
Angela is also the daughter of former Liberal Party MP Bronwyn Bishop.
WATCH BELOW: Angela Bishop talks about her late husband Peter live on Studio 10.

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