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5 ways women are neglecting themselves

From not having life insurance to never getting a Pap smear test, Aussie women aren't making their health and happiness their number-one priority. Here, we break down how you can get back on track.

Between trying to strike a healthy work-life balance and balancing the needs of your family at home, sometimes, your own life admin can slip through the cracks.
But while skipping one or two Pilates classes every now and then is one thing, neglecting other important appointments and objectives is certainly another.
Here, we list five reasons why women are missing out on their healthiest, happiest lives - and five ways of how to fix it.
46% of women don’t exercise enough
Fact: just under half of Australian women aren’t meeting the daily recommended amount of exercise of 30 minutes a day.
Maintaining your fitness levels is not only important for bettering your mental health (regular exercise is scientifically proven to reduce the body’s stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline), but it is also instrumental in preventing a myriad of health complications later in life, including heart disease and osteoporosis.
If you lack time, or motivation, engage with incidental exercise; take a short walk instead of driving, play with your kids or even organise family activities, like bush-walking or swimming, that get your body moving.
53% of women don’t have life insurance
Whether it’s because you don’t know about the importance of life insurance – what it entails and what it covers – or that you don’t believe you need it, more than half the country’s female population don’t have a life insurance policy .
Sometimes, unfortunate, unexpected things occur, which is why organising a life insurance policy is a significant step in safe-guarding the people around you who will be impacted if something does happen to you.
To receive a quote on your first, or even a new policy, or to see what you could be covered for, visit Insuranceline’s website.
26% of women don’t commit to saving money
According to The Australian Securities & Investments Commission, roughly one in four Aussie women are “hit and miss” savers, which means that you might have a plan to reach your savings goals, but you don’t always stick to it.
The trick to sticking to your savings goals is simple: work out how much money you want to save, create a clear savings plan and set a time frame of when you want to achieve your target by. Tell your friends and family what you’re doing so they can support you along the way.
A worrying number of women don’t get regular heart checks
Did you know that heart disease is the biggest killer of Australian women, and beats out most cancers, including breast cancer?
Sadly, researchers report that women are less likely to get checked, and act on signs or symptoms than men are. Considering one Australian woman dies at the hand of this disease every hour of every day, this is a shocking discovery.
While it’s imperative that women of all ages get heart check-ups (although, those over the age of 45 are at risk most), doctors say that 60 per cent of heart disease cases can be prevented. Making lifestyle choices, including not smoking, exercising, eating a nutritious diet and monitoring your cholesterol levels, can make for a healthy heart.
12% of women have never had a Papsmear
Women who have ever had sex in their lifetime, particularly those who are aged between 18 and 70, should have a Papsmear test every two years.
Papsmear screenings work to help prevent cervical cancer, and, as the Cancer Council has found, since this screening rolled out across the country seven years ago, cervical cancer diagnoses, and deaths, have dropped by a third of what they were.
However, it is still estimated that 700 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, while 200 of this number, tragically, die from it. Book a Pap test with your GP or gynaecologist to reduce your risk.
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