Transgender footballer permitted to play in local women’s league, the internet spontaneously combusts

What do you make of the decision?

By Ellie McDonald
Yesterday, the AFL announced its decision to allow transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey to play in the Victorian Football League as part of its recently reviewed and finalised gender diversity policy.
Last year, Hannah, born male and now identifying as female after beginning her transition in 2015, had played eight games for Ainslie in Canberra's women's competition, prompting her to apply to apply in the AFLW.
In October, the AFL stated that her application was denied based on "the stage of maturity of the AFLW competition, its current player cohort and Ms Mouncey's individual circumstances".
However, reviewing their policy this month means that 28-year-old Hannah, who was once a member of the Australian men's handball team, can now play AFL at a state level and competing against Victoria's biggest and best female footballers in 2018.
Although, this decision certainly has proven to be a divisive one, with the online community taking to Twitter to express their opposition.
One person tweeted: "This is all very hard to fathom." Another agreed, adding: "This could propose physical grave danger. Biologically, it's unfitting for the women players."
Despite the flurry of animosity, others are coming to Hannah's defense.
"It's great to see you're in the women's league," a fan of Hannah's wrote. While someone else commented: "I congratulate and applaud @HannahMouncey for the courage and perseverance she has shown throughout this whole (very) public debate #equality."
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