"There are so many pressures as a new mum..." Tiffiny Hall's refreshing post-baby fitness philosophy

Self-care is key for the personal trainer and new mum.

By OK! team
Five months after the birth of her beautiful baby boy Arnold, former Biggest Loser trainer and TIFFXO.COM founder Tiffiny Hall has shared her down-to-earth, post-birth fitness philosophy - and, as you'll soon find out, she's approaching things in cool, calm and collected fashion...
How much weight have you lost?
I gained 30kg in my pregnancy. I have lost over 21kg since Arnold's birth. I would like to lose another 3-4kg, but I'm not totally focused on weight.
How long did you take before exercising again?
I walked with Arnold and the pram at two weeks after giving birth. Once I had the all clear from my obstetrician at six weeks, I started back at Pilates and some light resistance training and walking with the baby.

What kind of exercises did she start out with? Is there anything she still can't do?
I chose the low-impact modifications from the TIFFXO home workouts and only did a workout every third day to give my body plenty of time to recover. I started out with pelvic floor training and glute activation exercises as well as strength and conditioning exercises to strengthen my upper back to support breastfeeding.
Are you back to your old workout routine yet?
I am still easing into things. I am doing TIFFXO workouts every day with Wednesday as my FLOW active recovery stretch day and Sundays off. I have a rule - if I'm up more than three times in the night to Arnold then I do something gentle the next day, a walk or a stretching video.

Does social media put too much pressure on women to lose their baby weight?
There are so many pressures as a new mum: how to feed your baby, your baby's routine, sleep habits, which pram you use etc. There are enough pressures and options – weight loss shouldn't be one of them.
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