Survivor Australia’s Jacqui has been diagnosed with stage-four cancer

After recovering from a broken arm, Jacqui’s sister soon discovered a suspicious mole.

By Jacqui King
Breaking your arm on Survivor could rule you out of the game and out of the running to win half a million dollars, but for former contestant Jacqui Patterson, it was a potentially life-saving blessing.
The 50-year-old, who was voted out in last night’s episode, has revealed that after breaking her arm in an unaired challenge against fellow contestant Ziggy (Nicole Zagame), doctors diagnosed her with a stage-four melanoma.
“I fell quite badly, and they don’t have X-rays and ultra sounds out there,” she told The Daily Telegraph.
Jacqui will keep fighting, just as she did on the show.
“When I got home I got four screws in my shoulder, but there is a silver lining to it, it’s a blessing in disguise. My sister and friend were massaging me and they said I had a funny mole and I should get it checked out,” she continued.
“Within a week I was diagnosed with a grade four melanoma, so that's my next big challenge now.”
Jacqui is staying positive despite her diagnosis. “It's not a good one to have, but let's just hope they got it early enough,” she said.
“They are going to take some lymph nodes and mess my back up a bit, but let's just get it out.”
Jacqui and her husband, Gary
This isn’t the only battle Jacqui’s family is facing. Earlier this month, the marriage celebrant shared the devastating news with TV Week that her husband, Gary, is fighting prostate cancer. The pair were awaiting to hear the prognosis for his treatment when she was accepted on to the reality show.
Despite not knowing how his health was faring while she was filming in Samoa, she was in good spirits. “I said, ‘Look, unless you are going to die, don’t ring me,’” she previously said. “I’m sure it’s going to be fine and he’s feeling fine.”
We’re sending all our well wishes to Jacqui and Gary during this tough time.