Get well soon! Bob Irwin undergoes emergency surgery

A rough start to 2018!

By Kate Wagner
Bob Irwin hasn't had the best start to 2018 after needing emergency surgery this week.
The wildlife photographer, 14, was rushed to hospital to remove his "pesky appendix" but has seemed to make it out okay.

Although a minor surgery, anyone who's ever experienced a burst appendix would be quick to tell you it feels anything but minor at the time.
His post was flooded with well-wishing fans hoping for a quick recovery.
"My heart literally stopped for a second, get better soon," one wrote.
No word whether his fellow wildlife photographer 'friend' has made her way to visit him at the hospital yet.
Bob reportedly met Tess Poyner, also 14-years-old, at the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year awards in Adelaide a few months ago and have stayed in touch since.
In September, smitten Robert invited Narooma High School student Tess to stay 
with him for a week at Australia Zoo, just like Bindi did with Chandler in the early days of their romance.

Hopefully Bob recovers in time to shoot the family's new TV show which will be returning to Animal Planet this year.
"We have wonderful new adventures coming to your television screen," Bindi last year.
"It all started in 1996 with the Crocodile Hunter, and now the Irwin family is back," says Mum, Terri Irwin.
"Been waiting since you guys were still small for you to grow up and bring us only what the Irwin family can bring us! Miss your dad so so much," said one commenter, voicing what we were all thinking.
A spokesperson from with Discovery Communications confirmed the news, saying we can expect the series to be action-oriented and have a true sense of authenticity thanks to the kids following so naturally in their father's footsteps.

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