Home And Away star Penny McNamee reveals the secret "daggy" habit that keeps her camera-ready all year round

And guess what? She also eats dessert everyday.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Home And Away star Penny McNamee lives a busy life juggling her high profile gig on the Aussie soap, along with her role as wife to husband Matt Tooker and mother to the couple's two children, Jack and Neve.
So staying healthy and fit, as well as getting enough sleep, can often feel like another full time job in itself.
But now the 37-year-old star has opened up about how she maintains balance in her life and stays camera-ready all year round, in a job that requires her to look her best at all times.
"I'm very physical all day in my life. By the time my head hits the pillow, which is usually about 9pm, I'm in a very deep sleep until my baby cries in the morning. I never have trouble sleeping – I can sleep anywhere, anytime," she told Body + Soul of her strict sleep routine.
Rather than hitting the gym, she prefers to run - and she even has a self described "daggy" tip that helps her get through her workouts.
"I can run with the stroller if I have Neve with me, I can run for 20 minutes on my lunch break, I can run at night once my husband gets home, I can run around the neighbourhood," Penny said.
"I don't go very far, usually for only 20 to 25 minutes, sometimes 3km or 4km if I'm lucky.
"I'm not running marathons. My favourite running song is Macklemore's Downtown. Very daggy but very upbeat and it always gets me running fast."
Penny says it's tough to find balance between work, motherhood and staying fit and healthy. Image: Instagram
Penny pictured with her husband Matt and their children Jack and Neve. Image: Instagram
Penny says she and husband Matt are "simple eaters" who don't really enjoy cooking.
They also try to avoid carbs after lunch, so mainly cook easy meat and three veg dinners to keep themselves fuelled - and so they don't have to cook separate meals for their children.
"We cook simple meals so that we can all eat the same thing," Penny said.
But she admits the couple are "both chocoholics" and love to indulge in a dessert, everyday.
"Our treat is to have a few pieces of chocolate every night after dinner. It is the highlight of our whole day."
Penny and Matt have been married for 11 years. Image: Instagram
They dated in high school - and apart from a small break - have been together ever since! Image: Instagram
Penny, who plays Tori on Home and Away, first met and fell in love with Matt at a school musical camp in 1999 - and the couple were married ten years later in 2009.
"It was 1999 at our school music camp. I'd just moved to the school, Matt was in the orchestra playing the French horn – if it can get any nerdier – and I was in the choir," Penny told New Idea of their fateful first meeting.
"I adored him off the bat. I was a ridiculous 16-year-old girl who totally thought he was dreamy."
The pair dated for a while but decided they both wanted to travel and explore the world, which they did, before getting back together several years later - and they've been together ever since!
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