*Face palm*… Pete Evans is telling us how to physically use a toilet and we can’t even

This time, he really is talking crap.

By Ellie McDonald
Another day, another way of life Pete Evans is trying to get us to sign our lives away to.
Now pull up a stool, people – you’ll definitely need to take a seat to let this one sink in…
This time, Paleo Pete is all about changing the way we POOP.
Yes, P-O-O-P, poop.
To be honest, we’re prefer to excrete discretely – y’know, rock up to the bowl with zero expectations about what’s literally about to go down. But hey, we’re going to give Paleo Pete’s latest idea some airtime because, well, a) it’s kind of hilarious and b) what he’s saying may actually have some merit…
As first reported by KidSpot, Paleo Pete is spruiking the health benefits this chair…

And as he points out, none other than Dr Kerryn Phelps also endorses the product, which is designed to be used for squatting over your toilet.
Don’t know Dr Phelps? Well, she just happens to be a GP, past president of the Australian Medical Association (a group that once SLAMMED the MKR judge) and co-author of the book The Mystery Gut. Suffice to say, she knows a thing or two about gut health.
And to quote Dr Phelps from her book: “Before you go squatting on top of your toilet sear or in your garden or the calling the plumber for renovations… Supporting your feet while sitting at a level high enough for your knees to be up near your abdomen will do the trick.”
It’s difficult to semi-side with Paleo Pete here, but when reputable researchers are backing it up… Well, we may just have to bite the bullet.
But that doesn’t mean for one second that we are cool with his claims that bone broth is a suitable alternative for newborns if a woman can’t breastfeed.
Nope, you can't get away with that one, Pete...