What is Oprah Winfrey's age and what’s her secret to ageless skin?

No, it’s not Botox. The TV Queen has another secret weapon.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954, making her age 64 years old – a number which doesn't quite reflect her glowing, line-free complexion. So what's her secret too looking so fresh-faced?
With an estimated net worth of US$2.8 billion, Oprah could afford every treatment and trick in a plastic surgeon's arsenal, but when we caught up with her facialist Jennifer Brodeur on a recent visit to Sydney, she confirmed to Now to Love that Oprah has embraced aging naturally. Hallelujah! Meaning, Botox and face lifts are not components of her regular skincare regime.
So what is? LED Light Treatment, every 4 to 6 weeks, Jennifer tells us.
Oprah has embraced ageing naturally and she truly glows!
The Canadian facialist racks up a fair few frequent flyer points zipping across the world to tend to her celebrity clients, which also include Michelle Obama.
Jennifer introduced a machine to the US in 2003 called MAX+, (and in Australia two years later) an LED light therapy device which emits UV-free light rays that energise cells and stimulate the body's own natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells.
It's completely safe, and can treat all kinds of skin concerns, from healing damaged tissue to attacking acne.
"LED treatments are virtually good for everyone," Jennifer explains.
"In my philosophy, everyone should be getting a treatment, it's like taking your daily vitamins; everyone will benefit from doing a session."
Canadian facialist Jennifer Brodeur, AKA 'The Skin Guru' has been working with Oprah for six years and Michelle Obama for four.

Oprah's LED light treatments

Jennifer has been working with Oprah for six years and while the skin guru is very discrete about how she treats her clients, she explained Oprah has her very own MAX+ LED machine in her house and Jennifer flies to visit her for treatments every four-six weeks.
The founder of JB Skin Guru revealed Oprah had suffered from cystic acne in the past. So for the TV superstar, and like all of Jennifer's clients, it was a case of treating the skin holistically, not just with LED light therapy, but also looking at her diet and how she cares for her skin at home.
"It was like we were starting from A-Z. We just re-educated how the skin care was going to be done not only at home but in the treatment room as well. It was wonderful," she says of her first meeting with Oprah.
Oprah glowed at the Golden Globes.

Oprah’s moisturiser

So what does Oprah use to keep her skin glowing in-between treatments? Jennifer has her own line of skincare called Peoni, which Oprah loves. Jennifer says it's "our go-to".
But she admits that she doesn't just recommend her products to her clients.
"There are a lot of beautiful brands out there. And I'm not like 'you need just use my thing'," she says.

Get Oprah’s glow with the perfect at-home facial

While LED treatments are available in Australia, not everyone can afford a skincare regime fit for a television superstar.
So we asked Jennifer what women can do at-home to get their best skin.
"I think that women should set aside one night a week. I always say Wednesday, to do a little skin ritual," she advises.
Follow the steps below!
STEP 1: Start with a double cleanse using a soft wash cloth.
"On a daily basis I don't recommend using a wash cloth to wash your face, because it could cause micro-tears. But on a Wednesday you can use a cloth for a deeper cleanse."
Jennifer says to wash your face twice; it can be the same cleanser, or two different cleansers. If using the same cleanser, Jennifer suggests adding a drop of facial oil in the cleanser of once of the washes.
"If you have the budget to integrate the Smart Profile Clarisonic brush – I'm not sponsored by them, I'm not paid by them, but I love that brush - when you're doing your double cleanse, you could use that brush instead of a wash cloth."
"Every single VIP client I have, I tell them to get a Clarisonic Smart Profile tool," says Jennifer. Clarisonic Smart Profile Device.
STEP 2: Wash the face with cold water.
When washing the product from your face, use cold water. "The colder the better," says Jennifer. "Cryotherapy for the skin is very good to revive the skin."
STEP 3: Massage with facial oil.
"If you have a Clarisonic brush, you can switch the head to the massage tool," she says.
Alternatively, use your fingers to slowly massage in a facial oil. Do this while lying down on your bed with your eyes closed to really enjoy the process.
Leave the face oil on overnight.