My Kitchen Rules' Suong opens up about the tragic loss of her first child

'I've already lost one child and it's the worst feeling in the world.'

By Tamara Cullen
She's preparing to hang up her apron on My Kitchen Rules for good. But before she does, Suong makes a heartbreaking confession to TV WEEK.
The 38-year-old, who went on the reality show with friend Kim, reveals how a family tragedy changed her life and her time in the competition.
"I lost my daughter when I was 22," Suong says, holding back tears.
"She had a heart condition and was extremely sick. She died shortly after being born."
At the time, the devastating loss of a child was unimaginable to the Melbourne mum – so much so, she "struggled to grieve", she says.
"She was my first child and only had a few breaths," Suong explains.
"The first funeral I ever went to was my own daughter's. It was a tough time in my life. I was so emotional."
Kim and Suong together on My Kitchen Rules.
The home cook, who is of Vietnamese heritage, chose to compartmentalise her grief, "push on" and sign up for MKR.
"It's been a huge journey, and I never allowed myself to grieve," Suong says.
"So, I still am [grieving] today. I've tried to ensure I have happy and healthy kids. But I promised my daughter I'd find strength, and maybe do something for myself."
And Suong has done just that during her time in the cooking competition. But being away from her family, including her other children, saw her grief flood back.
"Because of our schedule on the show, it was really hard to communicate, and we struggled," Suong says.
"If I said I'd call back and then couldn't, the kids would get really upset."
The Melbourne mums have seven kids between them.
Her guilt worsened when her son was rushed to hospital after an asthma attack.
"I've always been there for my kids, so to be away from them, I felt powerless," she says.
"I've already lost one child and it's the worst feeling in the world. The thought of losing another is terrifying."
Thankfully, Suong has had the full support of her family, who insisted she fulfil her MKR dream.
"Kim and I did it tough at times," she says of their time on the show. "But we never gave up. I'm so proud of what we did and achieved.
"I hope it inspires others to chase their dreams, because I've learnt to love myself again and love life. So, in my eyes, I've already won."
The friends are devoted to their families.

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