Chef Miguel Maestre reveals his amazing weight loss transformation

The Living Room host is shredding for his 40th birthday.

It appears celebrity chef Miguel Maestre might be thinking twice before indulging in his line of cured meats.
The Living Room co-host revealed on Instagram last week that he's been working hard to transform himself ahead of his 40th birthday in November – and he's already managed to shed an impressive 10 kilos!
What a transformation! (Image: Instagram @thecrazybull)
"It is amazing how a little of chop chop every day and a delicious Mediterranean diet can make the big chunky crazy bull slowly turn into an Australian gladiator," he joked. "[It's] not easy as some days I have very little motivation, but I just take my mind there and the body follows."
Despite being the first contestant eliminated from this year's season of Dancing With The Stars, Miguel managed to lose a huge amount of weight in a short space of time.
"I was 117kg and now I'm 106kg, so [I lost] 11kg. It's unbelievable. I just look like a different person!" Miguel told TV Week after his elimination.
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"The physicality was my biggest challenge. I was really unfit and to do this, full credit to my partner Meghan. She was very focused on fitness, making sure my legs and arms were strong," he said.
But during those intense training sessions, the Spanish-born chef realised what his body was truly capable of.
"It was an amazing thing to do, training for eight weeks just for one minute of dancing on the night. What a commitment and what an insight into the life of a dancer."

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