How Lisa Wilkinson keeps her health in check (even when she wakes up at 4:30am every single morning)

“I don’t take my health for granted.”

By Kate Minogue

Australia, say g'day to Lisa Wilkinson: mum-of-three, 10-year TODAY show veteran, mentor to many women across the naiton (Sylvia Jeffreys, included) and this month’s Good Health cover star.

Throughout her illustrious, decades-long career, Lisa has been tenacious in staying true to her Campbelltown roots, propelling everyday Australians to reach for their dreams just as she has.

Not only that, but she is a fearless advocate for female empowerment, whether that be encouraging women to take the measures to lead their healthiest, happiest lives or reach their (very achievable) dreams in the workforce – no matter their age.

“I have never seen age as a barrier to anything I’ve done, and I have been fortunate that my age has counted on my side,” she exclusively explains in this month’s issue of Good Health magazine.

“I didn’t see age as an obstacle when I became the editor of Dolly magazine at 21, or when I took the job at Today in my 40s when no-one had held that position at that age before. “

If anything, Lisa is not only celebrating her own age, but is adamant that other women across the country should never shy away from doing the same.

“I’m 57 now and I don’t see age as a barrier to what lies ahead,” she continues. “If that’s changing people’s perceptions of what women over the age of 50 can bring, then that’s great. I didn’t set out to be the poster girl for women achieving goals over 50, but I’m happy to fly the flag."

And what sets Lisa on the fitspirational fast track to optimal health, wealth and happiness comes down to the lifestyle habits she loyally swears by…

Lisa’s health rituals

In order to balance everything life throws her, Lisa commits to these six health habits religiously...

  • She works out with a personal trainer three times a week, with husband Pete.

  • She sips on a cup of hot water with fresh ginger and lemon juice every morning.

  • She drinks Remedy Organic Kombucha tea every day for its probiotics.

  • She eats the GoodMix Blend 11 muesli each morning for good gut health.

  • She hydrates by drinking a glass of fresh aloe vera steeped in tap water.

  • She protects her skin from the sun with sunscreen and a hat (just as she tells us in the video below).

  • She visits Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat once a year to make sure her health is on track.

To read more of Lisa’s exclusive interview including discovering her secret to long-lasting career success, pick up the July issue of Good Health magazine from your local supermarket or newsagency (also available for subscription from Maghsop).

WATCH Lisa play Would You Rather? with Good Health in the video below.

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