Lisa Wilkinson says bad Italian docs messed up her arm

It takes her 11 minutes to put on her own bra.

By Jacqui King
It was just last month that TODAY show host Lisa Wilkinson broke her right arm while on a holiday in Italy (she had surgery on the other arm three weeks prior due to carpal tunnel), but her recovery will take much longer than expected.
The 57-year-old has revealed that it will now take a further 12 months to fully recover after she slipped on wet floor in her Amalfi Coast hotel room. She said that the Italian doctors that tended to her after the accident have left her with “shocking nerve damage”.

Speaking to Confidential, she explained: “The Italian doctors didn’t charge me a cent, but God I wish they had because that would mean that money would be going into the Italian hospital system, I walked into the hospital and it was like walking into a building in Beirut.
“They need training desperately because they put a cast on that has basically strangled my arm so most of my issues now are shocking nerve damage. The doctor said it will be 12 months before I can get back to what I could do before the injury.”
Up until a few days ago, her husband, ex-rugby star and writer Peter FitzSimons was having to help her shower, dress and drive her to work at 3.30am every morning.

“Every thing I do takes four times longer, putting Spanx on takes nine times longer, I have timed it,” Wilkinson continued. “Have you ever tried to put Spanx on with one thumb? That’s literally what I have to do.”
“It took me 11 minutes to get my bra off last night and this morning I got my bra on and it took 15 minutes. I punched the air with my left hand when I did it, I was like ‘yes I’m almost resembling a grown up.’“
“I even burst into tears one day because I was trying to cut an avocado and I couldn’t do it.”
We’re wishing Lisa a speedy recovery!
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