EXCLUSIVE: Kerri-Anne Kennerley has an important PSA she wants to share with you

The beloved star is lending her voice to a cause close to her heart.

By Bella Brennan
Between penning her upcoming autobiography, being inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame and caring for her husband John, Australian icon Kerri-Anne Kennerley has found time to champion an issue that's impacting us all.
According to the 2017 GSK Global Pain Index study, everyday pain is restricting Australian’s ability to enjoy precious moments with family and friends and reducing our quality of life. As the GPI Ambassador, KAK is calling on all Australians to better understand the causes of their pain and to learn how to manage it.
Here, the 63-year-old chats to Now To Love about her latest project and what exciting plans she has in store for the rest of the year.

Why do you think we don't manage our pain properly?

I think it sometimes gets into the “too hard basket”, sometimes it’s just easier to take some pills.
I think women are a lot better at managing pain than men are. With blokes, trying to get them to understand that is a challenge. But if you stretch daily, you’ll be a lot better off.
The star is lending her voice to help raise awareness surrounding pain and pain management.

Why is this initiative important to you?

I think pain management should be a natural course of life. Especially looking at these statistics, to realise so many people live with it and it does interrupt your life.
We all one way or the other will suffer some sort of pain. The important thing is recognising where and why that pain is happening and how you can manage it.

John has been back home with you since Christmas, how is he going?

Yes! He’s home and doing very well. He goes to rehab twice a week and he’s getting on with it.
KAK and John share a special moment at the TV WEEK Logies in April.

You're one of the busiest people we know! What do you do to wind down?

Me Time is relatively rare. I actually love playing golf. I just love that walk!
Whether I’m playing by myself, in a competition, with other friends – I just love being able to walk on the golf course.
You’ve got something to concentrate on and work towards. It’s not the most natural of sports to play because you’re twisting your body in so many different ways – you do learn stretching and doing the right thing by tour body will put you in good stead.
The Aussie icon loves the tranquility of the golf course.

It was so sad to hear about Olivia Newton-John's breast cancer returning this week

It’s terrible! That’s 25 years after she was diagnosed in 1992. You just go ‘Oh! How sad for her!’
I guess it frightens everybody else. It's one of those things, if she didn’t have the best attention and medical access, she probably wouldn’t have picked it up and it could have been a different story so we’re very lucky to live in this new environment with very good access to medical attention.