Johanna Griggs' rules for dropping 5kg fast!

The beautiful TV star trimmed down with three simple lifestyle changes – and you can too!

Johanna Griggs has never looked or felt better – and her transformation has been almost effortless!
As well as adopting a healthier food plan, she's stopped eating after 8pm and has embraced a "farmhand" workout.
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"She lost 5kg in a few weeks after making just a few changes," reveals a House Rules workmate, who says the TV star wasn't even consciously trying to lose weight, but rather set out to improve her health and general fitness.
Being a grandma, albeit a very young one at 44, certainly hasn't slowed Joh down. She hosts two top TV shows, breeds cattle on her farm and helps husband Todd Huggins run his construction business.
In fact, it was her ridiculously busy life that inspired her to make some painless and simple changes to improve her fitness.
Joh works out working on the farm with husband, Todd Huggins.

Easy eating plan

Joh, who travels often and puts in long hours hosting Better Homes And Gardens and House Rules, has stopped snacking on the run, covers the food groups at every meal and tries to stick to darker coloured fruits and vegies. "
But she doesn't starve herself or make a big deal about watching her weight – Joh would die rather than do that," says her colleague.
"She's this unfailingly positive person who actually likes the way she looks, whether a few kilos under or over where she wants to be. She never talks negatively about her weight, whatever it is.
"With this attitude, she's just so incredibly refreshing to be around, and it does seem to be a big advantage when it comes to slimming down."
Joh looked flawless at this year's TV WEEK Logie Awards.
Our source says Joh wouldn't even describe her new eating plan as a diet, explaining she now sticks to "whole foods", including porridge for breakfast, light rye sandwiches or salad for lunch, and white meats like chicken or fish with vegetables for dinner.
"She packs fruit in her bag alongside her scripts, so she doesn't snack on bickies – which she loves and which are all too prevalent on set. She's finding a little bit of planning of meals goes a long way."
Joh's also changed her shape with an unusual weightlifting regimen – but unlike fellow Seven star Ada Nicodemou, who recently revealed her new toned body, Joh doesn't hit the gym.
Before and after: Since dropping 5kg, Joh has swapped her loose clothes for mote figure-hugging outfits.

Incidental exercise

"It's an incidental workout," explains her workmate, who says Joh – mum of sons Jesse, 22, and Joe, 21, and grandma to four-month-old Jax – hasn't lifted weights since she retired from swimming 25 years ago.
"On the farm, Joh dives in to carry bales of hay alongside Todd, which is why she's toned up and developed biceps to be proud of. Joh laughs about being muscle sore on set after days 'working the cattle', and gives lots of credit to her farmhand duties for her new-found fitness. She absolutely hates gyms, so this is just perfect for her.
"She and Ada compared notes on their workouts when they were at the Logies, and I think Ada has inspired Joh to keep doing what she's doing."But she'll keep it under the radar, as she's not doing it for anyone else but herself."

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