How one woman went from eating KFC every day to losing 45kg in just six months

After weighing in at almost 150kg, Kirby McGregor decided to turn her life around.

By Katie Skelly
Meet Kirby McGregor: a beautiful young woman who, at 28 years old, was told she had swelling in her brain.
It was this health complication, among a range of others like a blood clot and the removal of her gallbladder, which “scared her straight” into changing her lifestyle for good.
“The swelling in my brain could have turned into a embolism. It was very serious,” the Brisbane-based woman, who at her heaviest weighed 145kg, told The Daily Mail.
“Before, I was eating KFC almost every day. I would have it four to five times a week,” she admitted of her past habits.
“Portion control was the biggest problem too. I didn't know when to stop eating.”
A relationship fed her bad habits, her confidence took a hit and before she knew it, McGregor had gained a 30kg in just 12 months.

In August last year, the self-professed explorer was fitted with a gastric sleeve. The surgery was complemented by drastic changes to her regime, and soon enough McGregor had adopted a healthy, balanced diet and a regular workout routine.
Now, the blonde is documenting her journey on social media. While she’s the first to admit she’s feeling “happier and healthier” on the road to her best self, she acknowledges that she still as a little way to go.
“I don't touch KFC,” she told The Daily Mail. “I couldn't even dream of eating it anymore, it makes me feel sick.”
Going on, McGregor reveals her plans to lose another 20kg. “I'm going to keep going,” she says.
We wish Kirby the best on her journey to her best self yet.