Tony Abbott’s YES-voting daughter is a bodybuilder and polar opposite to her NO-pushing dad

No, seriously!

By Ellie McDonald
Just one week after being unexpectedly headbutted in Tassie, Tony Abbott has made headlines once again – this time, because of his fitness-model daughter, Frances Abbott.
Hey, while we’re sure it was unintentional, there’s no way Tony’s passion for K.O boxing, 1000km bike rides or skolling schooners can compare to Frances’ Pilates-honed abs.
Fit and f-ab-ulous.
Frances, a personal trainer working in Melbourne, uploaded a bunch of pictures and stories to Instagram, documenting her debut at the ACN State Bodybuilding Titles in Victoria over the weekend.
Cutting the kind of tight and toned figure that would steal the spotlight from any former-PM with an anti-gay-marriage agenda, Frances' body of work comes after spending the last six weeks putting her fit physique through its paces ahead of the competition.
And the proof is in the pictures…

After more than a month of training and policing her own food intake, one-time design student Frances is now the proud owner of a participation medal for her efforts.
“I learnt so much over the last 6 weeks and I am planning on writing it all down to share with you soon,” she wrote on Instagram following the competition.
“I would not have been anywhere as calm or confident as I was if I had not had such a strong support network around me.”
While you’re scrolling the 26-year-old’s Instagram feed, you’ll also notice that she doesn’t “really care much for politics” – y’know, her dad’s entire business – with Frances being very vocal in voting yes for same-sex marriage in Australia.

Yep, we’re double-tapping that…