“I don’t see starting a family as a full stop on my career…” Edwina Bartholomew on life, love and having it all

Ahead of her upcoming wedding, Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew talks life, love, fitness and her plans to start a family.

By Paul Ewart
We've been waking up to her wide-eyed grin and witty banter for the best part of a decade. Whether as Sunrise's roving, go-getting weather presenter, or in her current role as in-studio presenter, there's no denying that Channel 7's 'brekky central' just wouldn't be the same without Edwina 'Eddy' Bartholomew.
Indeed, while the rest of the nation is tucked up in bed, she's beginning a day of unsocial hours and a high pressure, everchanging schedule. And as a consequence of this, Edwina knows the importance of maintaining good health.
"It makes you take care of yourself more," the bubbly personality tells Good Health. "You go to bed earlier, you make sure that you value sleep, exercise and a good diet, because when you don't, you feel more rundown and more lethargic."
Here, the 34-year-old lets us in on how she keeps fit and healthy amid a busy schedule, and tells us why no woman – no matter their job – should have to sacrifice their career in order to start a family.
Edwina's glow comes from within - and she has the health tips to prove it.

On fitness

When it comes to fitness, Edwina is definitely ramping things up ahead of walking down the aisle.
"I didn't want to lose a heap of weight for the wedding," she says. "I just wanted to feel the best I could. I see a trainer two or three times a week and I mostly do a lot of weights and interval training. With work it can be hard to lock in a schedule, but they're very understanding.
It's the same trainers that Guy and Jules Sebastian use. Their tagline is: 'Eight weeks to wow' but my programme is more like '38 weeks to wow' because I'm not as diligent as they are! "Fitness is something I've had to work hard at. If I don't, I pack on the kilos really easily and I certainly have a very curvy figure.
Working with a trainer means that it's an appointment I have to keep − that's the key. If it had to be self-determined, I'd probably never get out the door."
When it comes to being realistic about when she will actually hit her health goals, Edwina is just like the rest of us...

On her diet

"Because I've spent so much time on the road you can get into very bad habits," she admits.
"After all, there aren't too many health food options at service stations! So_eating healthily is absolutely something I've had to work towards and sugar is definitely my downfall, in any form."
"Chocolates, cakes, biscuits… anything. I have very little willpower so it's something I've had to work at constantly. If I have them in the house, they will be − without a doubt − consumed. So not buying them is my main defence tactic."
Edwina caves to chocolate and cakes... And so do we.

On kids not coming at the sacrifice of her career

"We'd love to have a family," Edwina says of her plans with soon-to-be-husband, fellow journalist Neil Varcoe.
"Though we probably need to sort out the whole sleeping in the same bed thing first. That would help! But seriously, it's very much a part of who I am. I've grown up with wonderful parents and I would very much like them to be grandparents as well."
At the top of her game, Edwina is positive that she can juggle both. "Having children is really an obvious step," she says. "But there's a much better attitude now – both in media and other industries towards working mums. I don't see it as a full stop on my career, it's more like a new chapter."
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