Dogs can apparently help you live longer, so excuse us as we ditch work to buy a puppy

This is the paw-fect excuse to bring that Beagle you’ve always wanted into the brood!

By Ellie McDonald
In news that is FAR from barking mad, scientists have discovered that man’s best friend may also be man’s biggest life-saver.
In the name of health, researchers have discovered that owning a dog has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and death.
The findings, published in the Scientific Reports journal, show that your favourite canine companion – especially for those who live alone. The study, conducted in Sweden, included participants totalling 3.4million people and found that.
The method to the study? Scientists tracked the correlation between people, cardiovascular disease and whether they had a dog or not. Overwhelmingly, it seems that those with a dog are far less impacted by cardiovascular disease than those who don’t own a dog.
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Not only that, but pets are also scientifically proven to boost your mental health. Studies have shown that cuddling your pet cat or dog allows you to release the ‘cuddle’ chemical. This chemical has both soothing a soothing and calming effect – for both pet and (human) parents alike. Plus, just when we thought dogs couldn’t get any cooler, we uncovered even more research promoting the healthy benefits of our furry friends. Well, as Dr Chris Brown told Yours magazine earlier this year, pets keep us fitter make our lives brighter and keep us company when we’re lonely.
And we couldn’t agree more…