What to do if you're diagnosed with diabetes

So you've been told you have diabetes? Here are the next steps that will help you to manage your condition...

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It can come as a shock to be diagnosed with diabetes, but your doctor can provide you with helpful information. When you have a diagnosis, you'll also be eligible to register with the National Diabetes Services Scheme (ndss.com.au). It's free to register, and you'll get subsidised products, education and support.
While a healthy lifestyle can keep blood glucose levels down, diabetes is progressive, and insulin resistance can increase as the pancreas becomes less effective at converting glucose into energy. If your blood sugar is regularly too high, you'll be prescribed tablets and/or insulin.
It's important to note that being prescribed medication to manage your condition can be part of the natural progression of diabetes, and taking medications results in fewer complications in the long term. If you're experiencing side effects, speak to your doctor.

What can you do?

The more you learn about the lifestyle causes of type 2 diabetes, as well as the steps you can take to manage it and possibly reverse the damage, the greater your chance of managing it well and even beating it. Call the free Diabetes Infoline on 1300 136 588 to talk to a health professional.
You can speak to a healthcare professional about your diabetes by calling the Diabetes Infoline on 1300 136 588. Image: Getty

Managing your diabetes

Diabetes is best managed with a strong support team: your doctor, diabetes educator, dietitian, podiatrist and exercise physiologist.
The aim is to keep blood glucose levels close to the target range of 4-6 mmol/L (fasting), which can help to prevent short and long-term complications.
Your blood glucose levels, blood pressure and blood fats will be regularly tested, and good management of diabetes also includes feet, urine, eye and dental checks.
This is general information. Before commencing any health treatment, always consult your doctor.
Download our Diabetes Health Guide here.
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