Brittany Hockley opens up on her shock battle with an eating disorder

The Bachelor beauty has shared a raw insight into her battle with mental illness.

By Jess Pullar
We know her as the happy go-lucky bombshell brunette that graced our screens on last season's Bachelor, but in a shock admission, Brittany Hockley has revealed not everything is always as it seems on the surface.
Taking to her Instagram on Monday evening, the 30-year-old opened up like she never has before by revealing her past struggles with mental health.
Her brave confession has been met with shock and support from her followers, who have applauded the reality TV star for opening up.
Accompanying a picture of Britt donning activewear at Bronte Beach, the brunette wrote: "You know, I've always been into exercise and fitness. Since I could walk I've been doing all types of sport and at quite high levels."
She continued: "But I haven't always been healthy and had a great relationship with food. When I was a teenager I used to be scared of eating anything bad."
Brittany then explained that she had an idea that "skinny meant healthy" and that was the only way for her to be "attractive".
"I barely ate anything and worked out every day. If I ate something 'bad' I'd literally put my joggers on and go for a run," she confessed.
The stunning reality TV star has opened up in a raw Instagram post. (Image: Instagram @brittany_hockley)
It seems the eating disorder took over Brittany's life for a time, with her explaining: "On school camp, when we stopped at McDonald's I used to get an apple. I used to lie to my parents about having eaten at a friends house."
Then, things went too far for the Bachelor star, who who explained the harrowing event that made her think twice about the dangerous lifestyle.
"I had a seizure one day in front of my sister and woke up in hospital. After that dad drove me home and we stopped at a burger shop where he bought me a burger and chips and told me I was so anaemic that he wanted to watch me and make sure I ate it."
Since then, Britt explained that she's completely changed her thoughts about food, and that she now eats a lot more liberally.
"Food is life!! I am strong, fit and healthy and I eat whatever I want, in moderation, because life is about balance."
Britt is looking better than ever! (Image: Instagram @brittany_hockley)
She also explained that while she still exercises every day, she does it because she "genuinely loves" it.
"I like what my body can do. It is so good for my mental health, it gives me energy and I don't feel myself if I haven't at least gone outdoors for a walk."
Ending her caption, Brittany struck home by saying: "I'm older, curvier, stronger, whatever you want to call it. And I'm happier than ever. I wish I had someone to tell me these things when I was a teenager."
"Hopefully, at least one younger person reads this and changes their thought process towards health, fitness, food and body image."
Hear hear, Britt!
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Her post has been met with admiration from fans who have applauded her for bravely discussing the topic.
"Thank you so much for talking about this. You're a great role model," wrote one follower.
Another wrote: "Love this! It can be so easy to fall into a toxic relationship with food and so difficult to break the cycle once you do. Thanks for sharing; you're an inspiration!"
Meanwhile Britt's fellow Bachelor pal Laura Byrne, who is expecting her first child with Matty J also wrote to the brunette: "Ya big beb❤️"
We're applauding the reality TV star too for opening up on such an important topic!
Fans have applauded Britt for her brave confession. (Image: Instagram @brittany_hockley)
Britt shares a lot of love on her Instagram account, with a plethora of images featuring the gorgeous brunette smiling and laughing with friends - so refreshing!
Earlier this month, Britt wrote: "There's a lot of love around me at the moment (my love affair currently only involves coffee and croissants) but I have so many friends that are having babies, getting engaged, ticking bucket lists and just genuinely kicking life goals... and honestly, nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends and family succeed."
Keep spreading the love, Britt!
If you need support please contact the National Eating Disorders Supportline on 1800 33 4673 (1800 ED HOPE) at the Butterfly Foundation
Healthy mind, healthy life! We applaud you, Britt! (Image: Instagram @brittany_hockley)
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