Angie Kent shares the devastating impacts endometriosis and PCOS has had on her life: "We often feel so defeated and unsupported"

''It looked like a damn beehive in there.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Angie Kent has spoken out about her turbulent health journey, saying she's "riddled with endometriosis".
In a refreshingly candid update, the former Bachelorette revealed she hasn't had her period since August and that her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) pain has gotten worse "by the day".
"After yes another terribly painful ultrasound yesterday, we have found that I am riddled with polycystic ovaries," she told her 250,000 Instagram followers.
Angie, 31, revealed she is "riddled with endometriosis". (Instagram)
Angie said her condition has gotten so dire over the past few months that her doctor "couldn't believe" what he was seeing at her most recent check-up.
"Stress played a massive part in this wild development," she said, adding that she's also dealing with pudendal neuralgia, a pain caused by the nerve that supplies the skin between the pubic bone and the tail bone.
"I will be getting pelvic floor Botox for the often debilitating pain and nerve damage," the 2019 Bachelorette added.
"While I am under that procedure we will also be doing my third laparoscopy surgery at the beginning of next year where we will look into these [PCOS] cysts and remove any endometriosis that has returned."
Angie said she's been "extremely overwhelmed" by what she saw spreading on her ovaries. (Instagram)
The 31-year-old went on to admit she's been "extremely overwhelmed" by what she saw spreading on her ovaries and growing in her uterus since her last appointment in August.
"It looked like a damn beehive in there. But I am so hopeful for this next laparoscopy and treatment plan," she said. "I wanted to give my Womb Warriors an update as I know we often feel so defeated and unsupported."
The I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star urged her followers to listen to their bodies as "so much can change in a matter of months".
In November, Angie revealed her endometriosis symptoms were "out of control", saying she'd been suffering from skin pigmentation as a result.
"Hormonal pigment back in full swing and hormonal acne from PCOS has been fun," she sarcastically quipped. "My symptoms have been out of control lately."
In August, a year after her keyhole surgery, Angie spoke out about suffering weight fluctuation, anxiety and depression as a result of her PCOS.
"Everyday I give back to my body and learn how I can help heal these chronic conditions that consume me at times. Knowledge is power and I am grateful to work with so many amazing women who are my healing warriors," she said at the time.
Since finding fame, Angie has often used her platform to speak openly about her endometriosis diagnosis, a moment which turned her life upside down.
"I was relieved [by the diagnosis], because I finally had answers as to why I'd been in such pain for such a long time," she told TV WEEK in 2019.
Angie urged her followers to listen to their bodies as "so much can change in a matter of months". (Getty)
"It's so crazy, but I think everything happens for a reason."
The reality star admitted the disease only added to the pressures of her biological clock and future baby plans.
"I think there is pressure [to have a baby] once a woman gets to 30, I already felt that pressure.
"My doctor told me I'm fine, but what about when I want to have kids? I know from my research that I have to start thinking about it in the next few years – or at least start prepping my body now."