Angie Kent reveals the devastating consequences of her PCOS surgery being cancelled: "I didn't elect for myself to have this body"

''I sometimes I feel like we're living in Handmaid's Tale.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Angie Kent has opened up on the painful consequences of having her long-awaited PCOS surgery cancelled due to COVID.
Speaking to best friend Yvie Jones on their Two Girls One Pod podcast, Angie revealed her planned laparoscopy was put on hold, and took the chance to shine a light on the heartbreak some Aussie women face due to a ban on elective surgery.
"Originally it got cancelled because Mum had COVID and I was a close contact, so as you do you stay home because that is the rules of the situation. If you're a close contact, you stay home. So I did that," she said.
Angie revealed her planned laparoscopy was put on hold due to COVID. (Instagram)
The former Bachelorette, who often speaks about her battle with polycystic ovary syndrome, said she was disappointed over the cancellation given she couldn't get home to Queensland for three months last year due to the state's tough border closures.
"I was in a lot of pain and I was waiting to get home to my gynecologist and surgeon because I do need surgery, they say it's elective, but I didn't elect for myself to have this body did I?" she said.
"But there's so many women like [me], I've heard some absolute horror stories where elective surgery is getting [cancelled]. Like their insides are literally falling out of their vaginas and they're like, 'Oh no, that's elective'."
The 31-year-old said she got "absolutely butchered" when she was in Queensland's public health system. (Instagram)
Angie said she feels like we are living in the dystopian series The Handmaid's Tale, where women have no rights or autonomy over their own bodies.
"It's like we're less than and you see it more when you're in a global pandemic because you just see what actually is classified elective," she said.
The 31-year-old went on to say she got "absolutely butchered" when she was in Queensland's public health system, which prompted her to get private cover.
"I didn't know I had a fibroid growing inside of me or PCOS I just thought I had endometriosis. So I've had to you know fork out to go private," she said.
Listen to Angie talk about her cancelled surgery below.
"I booked in now for Valentine's Day to get my my laparoscopy and other things. Valentine's Day How fitting! What better way to celebrate love for yourself than having an old man shove something up your noonka," she added, managing to find some humour in the dire situation.
In December, Angie spoke out about her turbulent health journey, saying she's "riddled with endometriosis", revealing she hadn't had her period since August and that her PCOS pain was getting worse "by the day".
"After yes another terribly painful ultrasound yesterday, we have found that I am riddled with polycystic ovaries," she told her 250,000 Instagram followers.
Angie and her bestfriend Yvie Jones discussed the surgery ban on their Two Girls One Pod podcast. (NOVA)
Angie said her condition had gotten so worrying that her doctor "couldn't believe" what he was seeing at her check-up.
"Stress played a massive part in this wild development," she said, adding that she's also dealing with pudendal neuralgia, a pain caused by the nerve that supplies the skin between the pubic bone and the tail bone.
"I will be getting pelvic floor Botox for the often debilitating pain and nerve damage," Angie added.
The surgery Angie will be undergoing next month will look into her PCOS cysts and remove any endometriosis that has returned.
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