Banana Boat sunscreen brand faces possible class action lawsuit

Slip, slop, slapped with a class action lawsuit?

It’s not truly summer in Australia unless you’re walking around with an aerosol bottle of sunscreen in your bag, we are the sunburnt country after all.

The iconic Aussie brand, Banana Boat, is under fire this week as it faces claims that its sunscreen sprays do not provide the SPF coverage as advertised.

Bannister Law, an Australian law firm is working towards a mounting a class action lawsuit against the brand after they were approached by a mother of five who said she and her children were burnt following application of Banana Boat’s Ultra Clear Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+ and Kids Clear Sunscreen Spray 50+.

Last Summer the sunscreen brand copped abuse from customers on social media after they experienced burns after using Banana Boat products.

Banana Boat has made a statement and has said that its products are safe and the blame could be placed on an inaccurate or insufficient application of the product.

In the past dermatologists have confirmed that it is indeed harder to apply the right amount of sunscreen when an aerosol spray is being used.

As well as calling for others who have suffered burns after using Banana Boat products to come forward, Bannister Law had seven of the brand’s aerosol sunscreens independently tested.

Eurofins Dermatest, based in Sydney, tested the products and found that none of the seven screens tested even came close to the advertised SPF 50+. Apparently, they all sat between 11 SPF and 18 SPF.

Edgewell Personal Care Australia, owners of the Banana Boat brand, have disputed these findings and reassure that all Banana Boat products meet the SPF claim as labelled on the pack.

If in doubt about your own sunscreen, avoid aerosol spray and make sure to apply your sunscreen liberally.

More on this as it becomes available.

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