Australian mum photographed just one hour after giving birth wows the internet

She’s even wearing a nappy in the shot.
aussie post baby body photo wows internet

An Aussie photographer has captured a post-baby body in the most literal of senses – given that the photo was taken just one hour after giving birth.

Melissa Jean took the snap of her friend, Sunshine Coast mum Alyce, while she was still in hospital and rocking a paper nappy.

“One hour after giving birth… looks stunning… in a nappy,” Melissa Jean captioned the photo.

Since being posted on Facebook the shot has received heaps of positive comments.

“bloody love this !!!! f—cking horay to any one that shows it how it is,” one user wrote.

“you are looking great!!! I was not allowed to make any movements for a whole day… and I walked like a granny for several days,” added another.

Alyce spoke to The Daily Mail about the photo and how it came about.

“It was a totally impromptu moment – I’d just had a shower when Melissa said we should take a photo,” she said.

“She’s been a personal friend of mine since she shot me during my first pregnancy and after the birth of my first son.

“I thought I would have her present after giving birth to Lachlan for some more photos, and had literally just hopped out of the shower when she decided to take the shot.”

She added that she leads a “pretty active lifestyle” which consists of “mainly running around after a toddler.”

While all mums are beautiful, incredible wonder-women after giving birth, it’s safe to say this one was up on her feet and camera-ready quicker than most.

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