Red Carpet

All the wackiest outfits and wardrobe malfunctions of the Oscars 2018

Thigh-high splits and alcohol, what could go wrong?

By Now to Love Staff
Celebrate! The 90th annual Academy Awards are here and we're in for a doozy!
This year the academy awards are set to be more political and more star-studded than ever, the world is guaranteed to be watching.
Which alongside tears, sky-high emotions and booze means extremely dramatic wardrobes and wardrobe malfunctions.
There's nothing worse than experiencing a wardrobe malfunction but something tells us enduring one in front of hundreds of photographers and millions of viewers would be an absolute nightmare.
But there's nothing better than letting your personality shine through on one of the biggest days of the year - fashion police be damned!
The stars have been through it all on the red carpet.
Check out some of the wackiest, most risque and embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions from this years Oscars.

The wacky

They may not be malfunctions exactly but they still left us scratching our heads. These wacky outfits are sure to steal the spotlight but we applaud anyone brave enough to let their personality shine through so much!
Salma Hayek worse a very bright and VERY busy dress. We're not too sure about this one.
French film director, the sensational Agnes Varda turned quiet a few heads with this silky floral pantsuit. When you directed your first film in 1952, you're totally allowed to wear your PJs on the red carpet.
St. Vincent has her hands full as a musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist... so it's understandable that she forgot her pants.
Singer, Andra Day may have gotten away with this bizzare billowy outfit, but that pose... points for confidence though and that never goes out of style.
Whoopi Goldberg is one of a kind and we truly love this whacky outfit, we wouldn't expect anything less from Ms Goldberg.
She told presenters she wanted to be as comfy as possible and under that dress she is sporting a pair of hiking boots. We love it!
Maya Rudolph pays homage to the Rudolph part of her name in this strange red number.
Look, we love Emily Blunt but this strange and busy dress lands her directly on the wacky list.

The risque

The outfits are a sneeze away from a malfunction.
Blanca Blanco's outfit is sure to grab everyone's attention
Taraji P. Henson's dress leaves little to the imagination.

Special shout out to the Phenomenal Rita Moreno

West Side Story actress, Rita Moreno wore the same dress in 1962 and here she is rocking it again more than 50 year later!