Oscars 2019: Every single dress from the Academy Awards red carpet

It's official, we've reached peak red carpet fashion.

By Jess Pullar and Alex Lilly
There are two types of people in this world - those who watch the Oscars to see who wins the acclaimed awards, and those who watch the Oscars to feast their eyes on the binge-able red carpet fashion.
It would be safe to say that we fall into the latter of the two categories.
And indeed the Oscars red carpet this year is proving to be a pure goldmine-for-the-eyeballs, and frankly, we refuse to stop looking.
Now in its 91st year, the stars are pulling out all the stops for Hollywood's night of nights - and who could blame them?
Receiving an Oscar is the absolute pinnacle of prizes that we've all thought about - and don't deny it, who hasn't perfected their acceptance speech whilst in the shower? Shampoo bottles are a completely acceptable prop FYI...
But back to the celebs - we had many questions this year: What will Lady Gaga wear this time? Will Bradley Cooper show up clean shaven or rugged? Will Nicole and Keith show up in a surprise, yet all-too-familiar loved up appearance?!
Well, our plaguing questions have been answered as we our celebrity walked the red carpet into the lavish Dolby Theatre, and looked oh-so-good.
All that colour! This year's red carpet wasn't shy of a bold ensemble. (Image: Getty)
What's more, this year, Australia might have more than just some red carpet eye-candy to celebrate - while the aforementioned Aussie legend that is Nicole Kidman hasn't been nominated at this year's awards, we've still got some major homegrown talent in the ring.
Sydney-born and Adelaide-raised Fiona Crombie and Victorian Tony McNamara have both received nominations for their production and creative work on The Favourite.
And win or no win, the pair won't be forgetting this night anytime soon.
Speaking to AAP after hearing of her nomination, production designer Crombie said the pair were "shrieking".
"We were laughing and crying," she said.
We've certainly got our fingers and toes crossed for them, but for now, let us all bask in the glorified spectacle that is the Oscars 2019 red carpet.
Strap yourselves in (and perhaps tilt your screen away from the boss's eye-line) - we've got every single celebrity ensemble as they arrived, and you don't want to miss it.
(All images: Getty)