Bigger is better: This dress trend dominated the TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet

Australia's biggest stars looked absolutely breathtaking!

By Alana Mazzoni
We can always count on the TV WEEK Logie Awards to bring stunning, eye-catching and inventive fashion looks to the red carpet.
This year, our favourite stars certainly didn't disappoint! However, there was one trend that dominated the 2022 Logies - Cinderella-inspired ballgowns.
Australia's most prominent TV personalities, actresses and reality stars brought back old Hollywood glamour in an array of ballgowns that looked fresh out of a fairy tale storybook.
Celebrity fashion stylist and designer Lana Wilkinson correctly predicted the trend would dominate the red carpet this year, telling our sister site WHO last week that "real over the top glamour is what we're going to see."
Keep scrolling to see the best ball gown moments from the 2022 TV WEEK Logies red carpet.