Dinner and a show is back on the menu - Aussie celebs scrub up for the red carpet on Frozen the Musical's opening night

Ending the year with a bang.

By Jess Pullar
2020 hasn't exactly been buzzing with red carpet glamour.
As awards season came to a close in February, little did we know that the red carpet as we knew it would turn to virtually... well, virtual.
Yep, real life celebrity appearances, not to mention premiere nights and shows, quickly became redundant (for a very good reason, of course) as the COVID-19 pandemic waged on.
But as this turbulent year comes to an end, it seems there's a feeling of hope in the air - and a rea- life red carpet in central Sydney last night has only heightened it.
Yep, musicals are back, and seemingly better than ever if you've checked your Instagram feed this morning.
Frozen The Musical's opening night in Sydney was filled with Aussie influencers and celebrities who took to the red carpet before watching the captivating performance.
Going by the influx of Instagram posts from said celebs, including the likes of Bachelor star Bella Varelis, Home And Away's resident love birds Sarah and James Stewart and singer Samantha Jade, the show was pretty damn good too.
Here, we round up the best red carpet looks from some of Australia's most beloved personalities - it's been far too long, guys.