From shrimp on the barbie to Hollywood's biggest party: All the Aussies who've stunned on the Oscars red carpet over the years

Queen Kidman leads the well-dressed pack.

By Jess Pullar
The Oscars are undeniably a pinnacle event in any film fanatic's calendar year. But if you're anything like us, you'll likely be thinking of one thing only as the annual event approaches - red carpet fashion.
Comparable to a royal-wedding sized spectacle, the Academy Awards draw eyeballs across the globe, and it's not hard to see why.
Saving the very best for last, the awards season always ends with the epic spectacle of fashion and fanfare at the Oscars - and the A-listers are in their very best glad rags for the occasion.
With this in mind, that's exactly why it's always a treat to see some of our own lot take centre stage on the world's most coveted red carpet.
As proud dwellers from the land Down Under, we've got plenty to celebrate when it comes to our talent pool.
Australia boasts a pool of admirable sportspeople, a plethora of inspiring social enterprises, and a whole bunch of influential actors and actresses who prove time and time again that they have incomparable talent.
Rightly so, the extravagant awards event has paid tribute to this talent a fair few times in the past - and we've been lucky enough to witness some of our favourite locals slay the red carpet like nobody's business.
With the 2022 Oscars underway, we thought it wise to take a look back to see some of our favourite Aussie moments from the glamorous event.
Scroll at your leisure, and relish the fact that while you can take the legend out of Aussie, you most certainly will never take the Aussie out of the legend.