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Duchess Catherine's latest appearance reveals a big clue about her evolving wardrobe

The Duchess of Cambridge indirectly revealed something special about her wardrobe.

By Jess Pullar
This week, Duchess Catherine made her fans sit up and take notice as she released a new video of herself captured by herself on a camera phone.
Indeed, stills of the British royal at her Norfolk country estate in her workout gear were splashed across Instagam and Facebook as fans poured over the rare sighting of the Duchess in such a casual context.
In the video, Kate spoke about the importance of mental health among children and their parents, particularly amid such difficult times.
"There has never been a more important time to talk about parental wellbeing and mental health too," she said in the poignant video.
Her words resonated enough in their own right, but her outfit was also a talking point among fans.
Kate shared an unexpected video in selfie mode in a casual ensemble. (Kensington Palace)
Indeed, the Duchess' chic ensemble was perfect for a winter workout. Wearing a navy coloured Barbour jacket and a matching woollen hat with a bobble, we wouldn't blame you if you're inclined to recreate the outfit yourself.
But what's more, the outfit gave away a key piece of information about Kate's current wardrobe set-up.
Indeed, the cute woollen hat she wears is nearly identical to that of her former stylist, Natasha Archer.
As pointed out by HELLO!, a near replica of Kate's pom-pom beanie was also spotted on her husband and renowned royal photographer Chris Jackson's Instagram just weeks ago.
In the Instagram story, their baby son Theo is seen wearing the hat, with Chris explaining: "Stolen mummy's hat."
Kate's woollen beanie gave away one of her wardrobe secrets. (Kensington Palace)
Of course, this could well be a coincidence, - both women are incredibly fashionable in their own right.
It is understood Natasha stopped working with Kate as her stylist after she welcomed her baby in 2018, though it's unclear as to whether she has now returned to her former styling role.
Certainly, this lookalike moment may suggest Natasha is back in action in the land of Kate's heavenly wardrobe - and to be frank, we're not mad about it at all.
Natasha worked as Kate's personal stylist for many years. (Getty)
But whether the talented Natasha had a hand in it or not, there's no denying we're keen as pie to recreate the Duchess' outfit ourselves.
As the summer months come to an end, we'll no doubt be in the market for some winter appropriate activewear.
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