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How to stay safe from the sun’s dangerous rays this summer without skimping on style

Because sunscreen isn't enough.

By Faye Couros
As Australians, we are well informed about the how dire the consequences can be when we don't practice good sun safety.
We layer sunscreen on ourselves, slather it on our children, sit in the shade, and travel with hats.
The motto "slip, slop, slap, seek, and slide" is ingrained in our minds, and while we do take it seriously, sometimes our desire to indulge in fashionable looks makes us turn a blind eye to sun safety.
However, times are changing, and we no longer need to skimp on style to protect ourselves.
Perhaps it's connected to the rise of wearing sunscreen every day as an anti-aging protectant, but we now take the sun seriously even on windy, cloudy, and cold days.
According to the Cancer Council, sunscreen is an integral part of your routine, but it will not offer totally efficient protection from UV radiation.
We have rounded up a few updated and fashionable items that will reflect your desire to defend yourself from sun rays and look fabulous all at once.


You're either a hat person or you're not, but one thing is for sure: you will feel a lot better leaving the house with one on when it isn't a dusty old cap you brought at a sports game.
There are plenty of designs in the market perfect for your commute, brunch, and of course, the beach.
Trust us, before you know it, you won't be able to go anywhere without a hat!
Billabong Wrangler Hats Off Hat, $39.99, The Iconic. The Iconic
Kate & Confusion Positano Floppy Hat, $83.95, The Iconic. The Iconic
Thrills Aalto Bucket hat, $49.99, The Iconic. The Iconic
Leo Lin Amor Bucket Hat, $129.00, The Iconic. The Iconic


There are plenty of cute and fashion-forward sunglasses out there, and although green and orange lenses are fun, it's not going to help you in the long run as they offer limited protection.
Sunglasses are ranked from one to three for effectiveness, and to genuinely fend your eyes from the sun, invest in category three pair.
Stevie Black, $140.00, Poppy Lissiman. Poppy Lissiman
Vinny, $150.00, Poppy Lissiman. Poppy Lissiman
After Hours, $65.00, Quay. Quay
Luv Lou Leui, $90.00, The Iconic. The Iconic


Whatever happened to the shawl? The 1950s accessory may be considered old fashioned but as we all know what goes around comes around in fashion, and we believe everyone looks divine in a shawl.
Beyond looking like an old Hollywood starlet, you will also guard your shoulders and arms against the sun's threat.
Leopard Print Shawl Scarf, $8.95, Shein. Shein
Raw Hem Scarf, $6.95, Shein. Shein
Boody Cozy Knit Wrap, $114.95, The Iconic. The Iconic
Flower & Paisley Part Scarf, $7.95, Shein. Shein


Rashies are usually reserved for children because so many of us don't want to cover up (whether we like to admit it or not) when we are at the beach.
But at least when you're in the water, it will make all the difference to your skin if you wear a rashie.
And don't worry about looking drab on the shore, because the rashies we have found are anything but boring.
Woven Baskets Womens LS Paddle Suit, $62.00, Cancer Council. Cancer Council
Coral Surf Long Sleeve Rash Guard, $150.00, Sweaty Betty. Sweaty Betty
Healing Womens LS Swim Jacket, $56.00, Cancer Council. Cancer Council
Sea Level Australia Crop Rashie, $89.95, The Iconic. The Iconic